Hilltop Escape has been around for many years. Previously owned by the Hodges family as far back as can be remembered. Carol and Roger ran the campground in the early 2000’s until 2017. During the years the campground has gone from an open field used for tent camping and dining in the little restaurant to a location known to many as a home away from home.
The restaurant for many years was known for it’s Redneck Burger and the walls of shame and fame. The Redneck Burger was made with 1 pound of hamburg. In order to make the wall of fame you would have to eat the 1 pound burger with bun, an order of fries and a drink. For many years this was a big attraction for folks coming from near and far during their atv trips.

In early 2017 the property was purchased by my husband and me. After having owned a camper on the property for many years and falling in love with this area a long time before that we took the leap. The onsite access to Outlaw and Hatfield trails was a definite selling point for us. You can’t get any better than a nightly campfire, waking up to go riding and taking in some of the most beautiful views that last for miles.
Currently the Hilltop Escape offers permanent sites for folks who want their own home away from home. We also offer  beautiful weekend rental campers, a few tent sites and day parking with prior reservations only.

We look forward to many years of serving the atv community with a great location to trails and nearby attractions. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the campground or the local area. We are happy to help!